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Hidden C​ab​in Tre​a​s​ur​​es

Winter's Heart - Elemental Origins book 4

Sany brushed the top of an out of season flower, and it changed color, a splash of power from her fingertips, to swirl down the petals until the yellow color she’d chosen yesterday, now had veins of red and orange. And then she changed the texture of it, instead of soft and silky, she gave it tiny, deadly, thorns. She inhaled the unusual, gentle scent of the garden, a combination of soft perfume, a misting of water, and the same thing she could smell after a lightning storm. This time she’d been more careful, only destroying a small portion of the land outside the fortress…while cool water cascaded unnaturally from fountains, handfuls of them in different shapes, sizes, and designs, lining stone walkways. She allowed the discomfort of the last year to fall away. The pain, the irritation, the betrayal…those who were weak couldn’t be allowed to live. There was snow, and cold, outside the fortress, but not within. Inside was controlled, the fortress itself a magical construct that regulated the weather perfectly…it was quiet, calm and peaceful. Inside she was safe, though really, none could stand against her now. Would anyone try? There were no more battles, the war was over, and she was victorious…just not the way she’d intended. Yet it would work, because it was better this way. It was no longer a part of her, and she didn’t need to concern herself with anything anymore. And she wouldn’t. All was well now, in fact, all was great. No more pretending to be something she wasn’t, no more tension, no more wondering who was going to turn on her, try to kill her, she could do anything she wanted, without worrying over the consequences. Such a wonderful, simple thing. It was a freedom she wished she’d taken sooner. Yet somehow, for whatever reason, something was still wrong.

The Fall of Tyre - Elemental Origins book 3

She fought an evil avatar, protected their precious Prince, kept him alive, and helped him cross two continents to bring him home, and it wasn’t good enough.

She saved their glorious city, their ’beacon on a hill’, their sanctuary, against dark forces, the one city that hadn’t fallen in a thousand years, and it wasn’t good enough.

Her magic held the shield, that held the city, the kept the Sorcerer’s magic from destroying them all, yet they attacked her, tried to kill her, knowing what waited for them if they succeeded, because it wasn’t good enough.

She fought for them, killed thousands of creatures, things that shouldn’t be in this world, and thousands more that hadn’t been a part of the world for generations, and it wasn’t good enough.

She saved the King from his own stupidity, his own fear, and he hated her.

It wasn’t just their thoughts telling her they were afraid of her, it was their actions, their reactions, their willingness to let their own countrymen die horrible deaths because of their hatred of her, because of their fear of her. Because she wasn’t good enough.

She didn’t know why those she fought for, those she protected, hated her more than those they fought against.

The enemy was at the gates, was trying to get through those gates, was going to destroy everyone, everything those gates protected…and they were going to let him in, because they hated her, because she wasn’t good enough.

She was stronger, more powerful, and she could hear them, know what they were thinking…Demons were terrible, manipulative, destructive, power hungry, blood-thirsty creatures…but so were humans.

How could they be any better? Were they any better?

How many battles could she fight, how many injuries could she take, she wasn’t ready to die for them, she wasn’t ready to die at all.

It was time for something different.

Sorcerer's Seduction - Elemental Origins book 2

Everything was working perfectly, according to plan, except for the demonic avatar of course.

Things were running smoothly, if not urgently, according to a dream, because that made a ton of sense.

But seriously, that demonic avatar, Sany needed help.

So, the Witch of Isen is a good candidate, she’s not really a witch, just who crying Overlords blamed when they backed the wrong Master, too bad for them, and too late for them. And a woman, a street fighter…seriously, meant to be sacrificed to some god by rather terrible people…no one was ready to play that game, and really, that fight was bound to happen.

Maybe they could have chosen a better place, something other than an outlying city of murderers, cutthroats and thieves because truly, that wasn’t the best scenario for a pitched battle…although, the braindead, and the walking dead weren’t really giving them an option…and those people who ‘didn’t really belong to society’ well that society was losing ground anyway so;

They had to fight, they had to do it quickly because there was some place they needed to be, somewhere they had to go, and they were already pressed for time while none of them knew why, except maybe that prince she wondered about. There was something about him, something Sany missed, and she had a feeling it was going to be big. She had a feeling he was going to be the deciding factor in whether the human race lived or died, a bit disturbing but okay, whatever.

It was about time for Sany to revise that role of guide, because it was pointless at this stage; and seriously consider which side she was going to choose, because this was going to be war. It was going to be ugly, and bloody and brutal…and she hated to lose.



Sany was a thief, and a good one. She’d never been caught, so there was that, and when it came to getting into things that weren’t hers, a locked box, a private room…a pocket; she was there, and then gone, with no​ one to see.

Until she wasn’t, because of some ‘witch hunt thing’, or whatever…best not be a part of that one.

And now she’s on the road as a ‘guide’, it’s temporary of course.

A guide for soldiers, armored men from another kingdom who are not accustomed to the desert, because that’s such a great idea. Who have a charming ‘wild and highly unrealistic’ story, probably some myth, about things that go bump in the night, but worse, and much more violent, and deadly.

Something that no one could possibly believe…until things start to happen, that shouldn’t happen.

A burned-out town and everyone killed, a man with fancy robes and glowing eyes, and dead people walking, but the most unbelievable, the most ridiculous and the most outrageous thing that could possibly happen, that no one would ever truly believe? One of those soldiers claims to be a Prince…come on, what are the chances of that?

Is the pay worth it? Or is it time to make her own way.



Zareta was a superhero...not really, it wasn't like she could fly, or see through walls.  She hadn't been bit by anything poisonous, couldn't run faster than the eye could see, or lift heavy objects, but she was still a superhero.   At least as far as she was concerned.  And really, did it matter what other people thought of her?  It wasn't like she had a wonderful reputation to begin with, quite the opposite, but people weren't terrified of her anymore.   At least not that she could tell...because she didn't really pay attention anyway.   Either way, she was no longer ready to give up on everything. She was ready to face her future, to live, to battle in a different world, one hidden, just outside the parameters of the 'normal' that she knew, that everyone knew. This was a path of mystery, conspiracy, secrets and shadows. Though, truly, she hadn't been given much of a choice but hey, sometimes things happened, one couldn't control everything. Now that she had it, had finally figured out what 'it' was, she could feel it.  A gentle caress wrapping around her bones, a power or force, waiting patiently for was fantastic. The 'effect' of perhaps, she could do what needed to be done.  She was no longer the weakest link, she was getting better at this, she and her Watcher.  Her sexy, strong, knows everything, can do everything...must do whatever she tells him...Watcher.  Oh yes.The Company, that evil force masquerading as a legal entity...they would find out soon enough. They messed with the wrong Sentinel.  Now she can fight back.



Zareta can’t tell anyone who she is, what she is supposed to do, because people would think she was utterly crazy, had completely lost her mind. She still wasn’t entirely certain that hadn’t happened. Magic is not real. Werewolves, apparently, they are real, somewhat, and can be helpful in some situations. Vampires, working with them is out of the question, trust issues and all, and zombies.

It depends on the zombie, and none of is like you see in the movies.

It is the job of the Sentinel to help peop​le, to help when others will not, or cannot. It is the job of the Sentinel to protect the innocent, to save those who cannot save themselves. It is the job of the Sentinel, unless the Sentinel cannot do the job.


Order of Watchers book 1

It was one of those things. No one really knew about it. What it was, who was a part of it, or how it worked. They only knew that something was happening.There was no way to define it, not really. No explanation for what they discovered, yet it was there, inexplicably, right in front of them. It was not a tangible thing, rather, a shift when needed, a call to action. The knowledge that something had to be done, someone needed to do something.Then something would happen, or nothing would happen, at least not that could be seen, and things would change. Those who appeared invincible would fall, those who seemed unstoppable would continue no further, and those who were behind the chaos, those who were the most dangerous, the most destructive, would be stopped one more time in their never ending desire for misery and death.That is when the Order of Watchers was formed.

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