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Hidden C​ab​in Tre​a​s​ur​​es

Hand-turned, Handmade Mugs and Cups

Our Mugs and Cups are made from various types of wood, mostly local or locally sourced, and are handcrafted in unique One-Of-A-Kind designs, many using a food-grade resin to fill in natural cracks and gaps giving a uniform surface to work with.  We hand-turn them into fun shapes and polish off with resin inside and different oils and polishes on the outsides.   

hand-turned cedar wood large mug woodworking made in USA

Cedar wood large mug hand-turned

We took a larger chunk of cedar wood and found some real nice color and grain, and a bit of damage that made it look even more unique and cool, with resin coated inside and fancy handle, nice natural color, holds 25oz. and is handmade in the USA.  Etsy.

Cedar wood large mug with resin coated inside and fancy handle, nice natural color