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Hidden C​ab​in Tre​a​s​ur​​es

Where to Find Us

The fourth and final Elemental Origins book will be released on Amazon December 31st.  Look for it in Ebook format and paperback.

Wynter Fisher of Wynter's Designs will be in Marble Colorado on September 19, at Abstract Marble Company, 303 West Park ST. in Marble Colorado. ON the corner of the towns' only stop sign.  She will showcase her art and skill with a beautiful backdrop of mountain scenery. 

S.L. Fisher will release her third book to Elemental Origins at the end of October 2020, a self-published book on


Saturday Showcase

Wynter will be at Abstract Marble Co. on Saturday September 19th to show off her recent paintings on marble.  303 West Park Street in Marble Colorado.

S.L. Fisher      DEMONGATE

Available now on, cover art designed by Diana TC

Book Cover Designer

Triumph Book Covers - Premade and Custom Book Covers

Wynter's Design's

On Saturday July 4th Wynter's Design's will be in Marble Colorado again for our Independence day and would love to see everyone who can make it.

Wynter's Design's

Wynter of Wynter's Design's will be at Abstract Marble Company on 303 West Park St. in Marble Colorado on Saturday June 20th, from 10 am to 5 pm.  She will be set up with her new paintings on marble, and blank pieces that she will spend the day working on.  If there is something you would like to see her paint, come and make a request, she loves challenges.

Now available on  By S.L. Fisher   

Wynter's Designs work with canvas as well as marble.  Each painting is one-of-a-kind and various sizes as well as acrylic, oil and watercolor.

Our marble comes from the town of Marble Colorado, courtesy of Abstract Marble Company, and is hand-painted on a rough layer that as of yet does not fade in sunlight or wear in rain/stormy weather.  This has been tested extensively at this time and will continue.  

Hidden Cabin Treasures carries a broad line of hand-made, created jewelry out of nearly anything we can find.  We have resin, stone, steel, marble, rock of all types, wire, jewel, beaded etc. Our necklaces can be interchanged with ribbon, cording, leather and chains in all lengths, colors and styles.

Welcome to Our Blog

At Hidden Cabin Treasures, we love to share our journey, hoping to inspire and enlighten people in the process. If you're interested in the craft of creating stone and wooden masterpieces, read on. Feel free to connect with us via email if you'd like to share your thoughts.  We are also located on Facebook and Etsy.

April Release Date:  By S.L. Fisher

Soon to be available on Kindle and paperback at

Wynter's Designs

Wynter is already creating her one of a kind paintings for this spring/summer 2020 season.  We are looking forward to being at Abstract Marble Company on 303 West Park St. in Marble Colorado, where she will display her art for all those interested.  Dates will be forthcoming as the snow melts.

S.L. Fisher

Check out the first in a new series by S.L. Fisher on Amazon.  Dark Intent

From Wynter's Designs, out of our 2019 season at Abstract Marble Company in Marble Colorado.  We appreciate those who stopped by to enjoy paint on marble and can't wait to do it again next spring.