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Hidden C​ab​in Tre​a​s​ur​​es

Our Charcuterie, Cutting, Cheese Boards are Handmade with various types of wood, some with food-grade resin fill to give them all unique 'One-Of-A-Kind' character and originality.

Our Hand-Turned, Handmade Cups and Mugs are truly original, and simply cannot be duplicated.  Made from distinct woods and resin.

We pride ourselves on custom designs for wood, and our 'Resin Art' is unmistakable, and beautifully enhances both the grain and color of the wood we use for our Spice Grinders and Bowls, as well as adding lovely design qualities to our Hand-Turned Pens.  We use American Made hardware and resin.

We also create stylish Wood and Resin Vases, Centerpieces and varying other types of Table and Home 'Decor' often leaving the color and the grain of the wood intact, and simply accenting the natural characteristics.  We love to work on other fun wood projects such as simple dice cups, tea sets, and other miscellaneous items. Most of our wood is locally sourced and chosen to display as much natural beauty as possible.

Wynter's Creations is art on marble as well as canvas.  We get our stone from from Abstract Marble Co. in Marble Colorado, and our designer and artist, Wynter, is often seen at the shop in Marble, creating beautiful works of art, and is now making jewelry as well.

The Author, S.L. Fisher, is currently self-published on and has a collection so far of eleven books available, both hardcopy and Ebook.  Currently her writing trend is Epic and Urban Fantasy.


Hidden Cabin Treasures is a family business with a father who likes to try new things, two teenagers who have talents they like to display, and a mother who just tries to keep things straight.

Mission Statement

Hidden Cabin Treasures is an American small business with interests in keeping our resources locally and nationally sourced as much as possible.  We believe in God, Family, Country and the American Spirit and endeavor to create products that are unique and one of a kind. 

Contact Information

Hidden Cabin Treasures

Email: [email protected]